Reid’s Yellow Dent seed corn (108 day)


108 Day

Big corn with great potential to get large ears with deep kernels!

Excellent choice for big silage corn or high moisture corn.

Top end potential in the open pollinated field big ears.

Good test weight. 

Responds well to fertility.

2022 treated seed corn will be available for shipping / delivery after March 15, 2022.


2022 pricing and booking discounts in effect!

Reid’s Yellow Dent open pollinated corn with 108 day maturity, typically grows in the range of 10.5-13 feet tall.  Our selection of Reid’s Yellow Dent has fairly wide and long leaves on fairly thick stalks.  OPCORN LLC’s selection of Reid’s Yellow Dent corn typically grows large ears that are often 20 rows or more around.  The kernels are all yellow, and usually long and dented.  This is the corn that we have selected the toughest and have seen the most improvement in kernel rows and standability.  It is a tall corn often with shoulder high or higher ear placement and should be planted in soils with plenty of (K2O) potassium to minimize lodging.   N-P-K  (Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium)  Fortunately the higher ears are harder for the deer to reach and they do less damage than they do to our shorter corn.  As with our other seed corn, we are recommending higher populations than in the past based on experience of customers.  We would suggest planting our selection of Reid’s Yellow Dent seed at a population similar to other corn you have experience planting or 26,000 to 32,000.  If you are low on fertility then you should improve your fertility to maximize profit. We recommend that our selection of Reid’s is planted early to help reduce height, improve weed control, and increase grain yield.  Though all OPCORN LLC’s 2022 seed corn is treated with fungicide and insecticide, we recommend using a planter application of insecticide for rootworm control in corn on corn ground and grub control if you observe them pre plant.  Keeping strong roots is important for this big of corn.  Reid’s usually does well on test weight for us.  Northern corn leaf blight can be a problem for Reid’s.  We have started to select for resistance to NCLB but, it will take some time.  If you have noticed NCLB in your fields we would suggest that an application of fungicide at V5-V7 might prove profitable.  Most years, our selection of Reid’s Yellow dent is the highest yielding open pollinated corn we sell.