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**46 lb smaller bags instead of 80,000 seeds**
Wapsie Valley Seed Corn
Select: treated / untreated (insecticide and fungicide)

89 -95 Day Red and Yellow   

Good stalk health

Competitive for day length 89-95 days

Medium height  8′-11′

Dual purpose grain or silage.

Nice looking ears of red corn or yellow corn kernels.

Yield very highly correlated with fertility.

Voted #1 by local white-tails. 

2024 Wapsie Valley seed corn. 

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46 lb bag instead of 80,000 seeds Wapsie Valley Yellow and Red Seed Corn

Our Wapsie Valley open-pollinated yellow and red seed corn has a maturity of 89-95 days and typically grows 8-11 feet tall. Its medium-sized leaves grow on a slightly narrow stalk. Wapsie Valley corn usually has a mix of glossy yellow and shiny red corn kernels. The ears typically have 14-18 rows of kernels that are slightly more flinty than dent-type.

We plant our Wapsie Valley yellow and red corn in 30″ rows at a population of about 26,000 per acre, with plants spaced about 8″ apart. It’s possible to plant at a higher density, with decent standability, if you plan to use it for silage. However, we suggest planting at a similar population density to other successful varieties you’ve used, while keeping in mind that weed control is easier at a higher population.

Our Wapsie Valley corn yield is highly responsive to fertilizer and usually has a high test weight at maturity. However, if you plan to sell it for grain, we recommend checking with your buyer to ensure they accept corn with red kernels. This corn makes for an attractive ear, making it an ideal choice if you’re looking for a fancy corn to sell.

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 6 in
Preferred seed size (depends on availability):

Plateless planter any size, Large Round, Medium Round, Small Round, Large Flat, Medium Flat, Small Flat

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I want my seed treated with fungicides and insecticide, I do not want my corn treated with insecticide and fungicides.


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