Weed Management

When planting  corn it is highly recommended that you have a good weed management plan.

Keep in mind that our seed corn is open pollinated and non-gmo so if  glyphosate touches it it will die.

If using herbicides always read and follow the label! :

2017 Suggestions :

Using Herbicides:

Things to consider: weeds that are up, weeds that you expect to see, following crop, cost, time, use restrictions.

Sample budget chart at bottom will work for applicators with no license in PA.

Start off early pre-plant burn down glyphosate, 2,4,D LV6 .  If you are following commercial soybeans contaminated with marestail you may want to add Sharpen to your burndown program.

Preplant you may want to consider using full labeled rate of Acetochlor + safener like Harness, or S-Metolachlor like Medal II EC for residual grass control.  If you can use restricted use pesticides you should add Atrazine to your pre-emerge program. If you have green grass growing you need to kill it with a burn down before corn emergence.  The residuals mentioned will have very little to zero effect on emerged weeds!  Do not skimp on pre-emerge grass control for corn!

After corn is up if you are concerned with foxtail or fall panicum you may want to consider using Prowl, or additional S-Metolachlor (Dual II Magnum), Harness, or Harness Xtra.

I have heard of  good success using Acuron as Pre-emerge after burndown.

If you end up with any broadleaf weeds like rag weed or morning glory after the corn is up, you could look into Status which has some dicamba (don’t add ammonium sulfate).  If you can’t use Status which has a safener in for corn, you may get away with 2,4,D on cooler days.



No Herbicide:

Preplant:  Tillage

Post emerge: cultivate with a good cultivator This may turn out better than you think if you did a good job planting.  It will turn out even better if you spin on some urea before you cultivate.

As always feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.  We will do our best to point you in the right direction based on your situation.

Also feel free to forward any suggestions from experience.

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