2024 open pollinated field corn seed will be available for delivery or shipping after March 15, 2024.  Please schedule an appointment for pickup. 

Southern customers may request earlier delivery dates. 

*If you order prior to March 1, it may be ready or shipped after March 15th …We will contact you prior to shipping. 

If you have questions please feel free to call. 

*We generally do not offer refunds or exchanges.  Please be certain of your prepaid order.  

Pre-paid early orders are sincerely appreciated and the best way to lock in your seed for 2024 planting.  

You may note the better deals as well you are more likely to save on shipping with early orders.

We size seed and as best we can we will accommodate your needs but it does depend on availability.

2024 open pollinated field corn seed will be treated with fungicides and insecticide unless confirmed by a phone call. 

Untreated seed  will not be available for 2024 unless specifically requested and confirmed by OPCORN LLC.

Please keep in mind that open pollinated corn has not been insurable with “the usual” crop insurance policies in the past.  Other policies are often available. Check with your agent.

If you find there is something not quite right with your order please let us know so we can come up with a quick solution.

We will not share your identifiable financial information with anyone without your permission except for the purpose of processing payments.

You can call Customer Service at 724-259-7622 during business hours with any questions.

You can also e-mail us at purchaseseed@opcorn.com


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