Weed Management

Updated 11/30/2020 includes recommendations if you don’t have a restricted use pesticide license.  

When planting  open pollinated seed corn it is highly recommended that you have a good weed management plan.

Keep in mind that our seed corn is open pollinated and non-gmo… if roundup (glyphosate) touches it it will die.

If using herbicides always read and follow the label! :

2020  Suggestions :

Using Herbicides:

Things to consider: weeds that are up, weeds that you expect to see, following crop, cost, time, use restrictions.

Suggested corn herbicide program for 2020 always read and follow the label!

*Costs are approximates and are likely to vary.

2021 Suggested Herbicide Plan includes residual herbicides to control grasses and broad leaves.  

Goals: plant clean and stay clean.

approximate prices are included.

No spray license?  Check out this no-till plan:

2-3 weeks before planting  (around April 10 if you hope to plant April 25)

  1. Me-Too-Lachlor II choose the max labeled rate for your soil type will cost $6.50 – $7.50 / acre.  
  2. Glyphosate $4.00 / acre.
  3. Ammonium sulfate makes the glyphosate work better  (sprayable)  $1.40
  4. Sharpen herbicide if you have any marestail or any glyphosate resistant broad leaf weeds.  $4.90 – $10.00 /  acre  **do not use sharpen for fresh market sweet corn.

If you have green weeds sprouting prior to planting then spray another dose of glyphosate before planting or before the corn emerges.   (you can only get away with spraying glyphosate after planting and before emergence if the furrow is closed very well and no risk of rain that day)   

Plant Corn

Early post emerge (don’t wait till the grass weeds are up!)

  1. 2nd application of Me-Too-Lachlor II (the “II” indicates a safener added for corn) nearly a full rate for soil type will greatly reduce risk of foxtail outbreaks.  
  2. Mesotrione 4SC at about 3 oz / acre $2.50

If any Broadleaf escapes ie. Morning glory, ragweed.. 

  1. Status at 3 oz costs  $9.15

Hopefully you don’t have grass escapes but if you do you will need to use Accent Q at up to .9 oz / acre costing about $12.00

*Suggested corn herbicide program for 2020 always read and follow the label!

Foxtails are usually the biggest challenge for open pollinated corn and must be controlled early.  S-Metolachlor and Balance Flexx will work for residual foxtail control.  S-Metolachlor will not kill any foxtail that is emerged.  

S-Metolachlor is the new formulation of Metolachlor.   Herbicides with S-Metolachlor will likely be more effective than the Me-TOO-Lachlor II recommended but they are also more expensive.  If you are concerned about application timing or have a lot of foxtail seed from previous years you may want to use the S-Metolachlor formulation.

Read the labels and consider your next crop when choosing herbicides.  

Contact us we will try to recommend a plan that will work for you.

No Herbicide:

Preplant:  Tillage

Post emerge: cultivate with a good cultivator This may turn out better than you think if you did a good job planting.  It will turn out even better if you spin on some urea before you cultivate.

As always feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.  We will do our best to point you in the right direction based on your situation.

Also feel free to forward any suggestions from experience.

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Injury symptoms? Check out: https://www.btny.purdue.edu/Extension/Weeds/HerbInj2/InjuryHerb1.html

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