Wapsie Valley Seed Corn

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89 Day 

Medium height  8′-10.5′

Ears are red or yellow.

80,000 kernel bags treated with insecticide and fungicide.  

Dual purpose grain or silage.

Voted #1 by local white-tails.

2021 seed corn will be available for shipping / pickup after March 15, 2021.  




Wapsie Valley open pollinated corn with 89 day maturity, typically grows in the range of 7.5-9.5 feet tall.  The leaves on Wapsie Valley corn from OPCORN LLC are of medium width and length on a slightly narrow stalk.  Wapsie Valley corn typically has a mixture of ears with either glossy yellow kernels or shiny red kernels.  Usually ears of our Wapsie Valley corn have 14 to 18 rows of kernels that are more flint type than dent type.  It is very important to note that white-tail deer really like Wapsie Valley open pollinated corn.  The deer seem to do the most damage while the corn is still silking when they can bite off a lot of “baby” ears.  We usually plant in 30” rows at a population of about 26,000 per acre which puts the plants about 8” apart.  We have planted at a little more than 30,000 with decent standability and will be targeting the higher population in the future.  We would suggest planting at a population similar to other varieties that you have had success with under your own conditions but keep in mind that weed control is a little easier at a higher population.  Timely harvest will also help with standability and reduce the time for deer to pick for you.  If you intend to sell corn for grain you should check with your buyer to be sure they will accept corn with red kernels.  Wapsie Valley corn usually has high test weight at maturity.  

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